John Cooper QC got it wrong says expert

July 1 2014 21:11

John Cooper QC, who gave evidence on Internet trolling laws to the House of Lords Communications Committee, has it wrong on the legal situation. That […]

Porn revenge laws ‘already exist’

June 23 2014 16:29

There are already enough laws to deal with the problem of porn revenge – that is the message of a Cyberlaw expert to politicians like Maria Miller he says are simply being opportunist.

Trolling MP ‘apologises’

June 20 2014 23:54

Conservative MP, Michael Fabricant, has apologised following sending a offensive and menacing tweet to Yasmin Alibhai-Brown saying that if he appeared on a discussion TV programme […]

Tory’s Tough Trolling Talk

June 18 2014 22:14

Tougher trolling laws are needed. That is the opinion of Angie Bray, the Conservative MP for Ealing Central and Acton, who has had an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill accepted by Parliament.

Trolls ‘are women’ says Devon

June 13 2014 19:27

Women are more likely to troll other women. That is the message of Natasha Devon, whose experience with Twitter was not what she expected. Natasha […]

JK Rowling trolled by ‘cybernats’

June 13 2014 10:56

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has donated £1m to the ‘BetterTogether’ campaign that is opposed to Scotland being an independent country. However, Rowling was trolled […]

Shadow Minister in Twitter row

May 10 2014 22:17

The Shadow International Development Secretary for the Labour Coalition in the UK Parliament has been caught up in a row over a politically sensitive Twitter […]

Riley verdict ‘not enough’ says expert

May 8 2014 12:55

Ann Maguire troll Robert Riley has been sentenced 4 weeks in prison at Swansea Magistrates for the posting of the identity of the 15-year-old believed to be responsible for the killing of Spanish teacher as well as other grossly offensive messages. Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop says the sentence did not reflect the magnitude and frequency of the crimes on the Trolling Magnitude Scale.

Third ‘troll’ arrested over Ann Maguir

May 7 2014 16:56

West Yorkshire Police have arrested 16-year-old man from Cardiff following complaints, who has bailed pending a psychiatric assessment.

Ann Maguire ‘troll’ pleads guilty

May 5 2014 12:01

Robert Riley from Port Talbot, arrested in connection with the posting of malicious communications about Spanish teacher Ann Maguire, has pleaded guilty at Leeds Magistrates Court.

UKIP supporter names Ann Maguire killer

May 4 2014 19:30

A UKIP supporter has named the 15-year-old killer of Anne Maguire on Twitter, only days after social media users were warned by a judge not to prejudice the murder trial of the teenager.

Conservative candidate resigns

May 3 2014 23:30

David Bishop, the Conservative candidate for the Brentwood South and Essex ward in the local elections for Brentwood Borough Council, has resigned following posting hate messages on Twitter. […]

Ann Maguire trolls investigated

May 3 2014 23:06

Police in Leeds and Port Talbot have made arrests following alleged malicious communications relating to Ann Maguire, the Spanish teacher from Corpus Christi Catholic College who was murdered last Monday.

Twitter reacts to Ann Maguire killing

April 30 2014 8:11

The killing of teacher Anne Maguire at Corpus Christi Catholic college in Leeds has been met with strong reaction on Twitter.

Hackers target Maria Miller

April 5 2014 22:42

Under fire government Minister Maria Miller has been the target of Internet hackers and trolls. The Culture Secretary, who has been the subject of a […]