Hackers target Maria Miller

April 5 2014 22:42

Under fire government Minister Maria Miller has been the target of Internet hackers and trolls. The Culture Secretary, who has been the subject of a […]

Neknominate parents ‘responsibility’

April 5 2014 11:02

Parents must take responsibility for their children’s use of the Internet, Internet trolling and gamification expert, Jonathan Bishop, has said.

Marsico cyberbullying legislation passes through H

April 4 2014 12:18

Pennsylvania House of Representatives, ┬áHouse Judiciary Committee Majority Chairman Ron Marsico (R-Dauphin) was pleased that his legislation creating the offence of cyber harassment of a […]

Twitter reaction ‘sexist’

March 20 2014 15:27

Internet trolling expert and anthropologist Jonathan Bishop says those who criticise Grant Shapps for using the word “they” are sexist.

Local authority ‘heavy handed’

March 20 2014 9:45

Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council has been criticised for its heavy handed approach in dealing with Internet trolls, whilst local Liberal Democratic Party members deny all responsibility for the Twitter accounts now subject to legal action.

Off-campus student tweeting deemed illegal

March 19 2014 9:00

Students are finding themselves in trouble with school administrators as schools attempt to regulate social media sites sometimes at the expense of students’ free speech […]

‘Tweet me alone’ says PM

March 7 2014 17:03

British Prime Minister David Cameron is said to be good humoured following a spat on Twitter with science fiction actor Patrick Stewart. Cameron, known for […]

Neknominate ‘already illegal’

February 23 2014 15:26

The Neknominate craze is already illegal says Internet law expert Jonathan Bishop who specialises in gamification and Internet trolling law.

Charlotte Dawson trolled to death

February 23 2014 14:08

Australian model Charlotte Dawson has been found dead at her home, only hours after being severely abused on Twitter by Haters, a type of troll that are particularly challenging of others’ belief systems.

Bowie trolling ‘typical’ says expert

February 22 2014 22:42

The trolling of David Bowie as he waded into the debate on Scottish independence is “typical” says Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop.

‘Feed off trolls’ says expert

February 19 2014 15:17

Internet trolling expert Jonathan Bishop has said that the victories of Tom Daley and Elise Christie in their sports following being trolled on Twitter should serve as examples of how to deal with trolls.

Troll tries to frame parents

February 6 2014 10:00

Michelle Chapman, from Cornwall, who sent herself hundreds of abusive messages on Facebook in an attempt to frame her parents has been jailed.

Gale trolls dislike bias

January 28 2014 10:41

Perth-born supermodel Megan Gale has hit back at being trolled on her social media accounts. Gale was abused following posting a recommendation to a hair […]

Rape-callout trolls sentenced

January 25 2014 19:00

John Nimmo, 25, and Isabella Sorley, 23, were Westminster Magistrates’ Court for the trolling of Caroline Criado-Perez. Nimmo was sentenced to eight weeks prison and […]

Liverpool MP doesn’t check post

January 16 2014 18:26

There was another embarrassing time in Parliament for Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram. The MP who has made a career for himself in calling for more unneeded trolling laws was told by culture minister Ed Vaizey that a letter relating to social media had been sent to him nearly a week before Rotheram asked him why he had not received it.