Facebook considers ‘dislike’ option

December 12 2014 21:53

The world’s biggest social network, Facebook, has said it is considering introducing a dislike option for the postings made via its website. Founder Mark Zuckerberg […]

Google settles Internet trolling case

November 25 2014 0:20

Google has settled the dispute between it and businessman, Daniel Hegglin, who brought legal action against the mere conduit search engine provider in the UK High […]

Troll ‘sorry’ for Criado-Perez tweets

November 18 2014 0:08

One of the people convicted for the trolling of radical feminist Caroline Criado-Perez has apologised for sending the abusive messages on Twitter, following the campaign […]

Lords to debate Young People’s Online and Digital

November 10 2014 23:12

On 20 November 2014, the House of Lords is scheduled to debate the following motion: “that this House takes note of the impact of the […]

Bedroom tax ‘will cause trolling’

November 7 2014 21:31

The bedroom tax will cause Internet trolling. That is the finding of research published in the International Journal of E-Politics. The research, carried out by […]

Twitter troll makes apology

November 4 2014 20:03

A Chelsea supporting Twitter troll who sent a racist remark to Manchester City footballer Yaya Toure has apologized for his mistake. The user of the Twitter […]

Naming of Ann Maguire killer has mixed reaction

November 4 2014 11:29

The killer of Ann Maguire, Will Cornick, has had the secrecy over his name lifted by a judge following his conviction for the murder of […]

Action on trolling wanted

October 30 2014 19:54

Chris Evans, the Labour MP for Islwyn in Wales has put pressure on the UK Government to take forward measures on Internet trolling and cyberbullying, which […]

Ferdinand posts sexist tweet

October 29 2014 23:00

The English Football Association has fined Rio Ferdinand and banned him from playing in three football matches, following him posting on Twitter what has been […]

Social media ‘must be regulated’

October 21 2014 21:01

Chloe Madeley, the high profile daughter of television duo Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, has released a statement following being taken to task by Internet […]

Porn E-Vengers ‘abuse power’ – B

October 21 2014 18:05

Porn E-Vengers have devastating effects on their lives of the victims. That is the message of Baroness Brinton, as she supports an amendment to the […]

Liverpool MP sent racist tweet

October 20 2014 22:43

A Liverpool man has been convicted at Liverpool Magistrates’ Court for sending a racist message to a Member of Parliament. Garron Helm, 21, admitted sending […]

Angie Bray’s law to ‘combat cruelty

October 19 2014 15:26

In the wake of complaint’s of trolling by Chloe Madeley, justice secretary Chris Grayling has said that the amendment to his Criminal Justice and Courts […]

Data Retention Needed – May

October 16 2014 15:53

Home Secretary Theresa May has defended government snooping on data communications between the UK and other countries. May, who was speaking to a parliamentary inquiry, […]

McCann’s are ‘negligent’

October 7 2014 9:10

The family of Madeline McCann are “negligent” – that is the view of Katie Hopkins, as she comes under fire for her criticisms of the […]